Friday, April 07, 2006

Flashback Friday - "Best Of"

*** UPDATED!***

First of all, if you haven't noticed I have a link list up now, which is a work in progress. If we enjoy each other’s blogs regularly and you’re not linked yet, please don’t take it personally. I fiddle with the link list in small bites and it’s probably just something I haven’t gotten to yet.

But my big announcement (and Flashback connection) is that I’ve added a “Best Of” list (as you will see to the left), featuring some of my old blog entries of which I am particularly fond. I’m not so conceited as to think I’m any phenomenal talent – I just wanted to bring some of my older buried things back into light (because frankly, I think my earlier entries are much better :/ ).

In any case, I welcome you to browse the "Best Of" column if you have the time. Some selections are biographical, some are theological, and some are just storytelling. But regardless of their approach, these posts are the “best” representations of me. (According to me. ;D). Other than the 100 List, which seemed like a good place to start, I have listed them oldest to newest – we’ll see how that works. I have enabled comment alert, so if you'd like to comment anywhere, I will get them - they won't be buried in the mess.

I hope you’ll enjoy them, be it the first time or again.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Speckledpup said...

oh ribbons.

we loves the ribbons.

pick me, pick me...

Smerdyakov said...

I see how you want to be.

Martie said...

I think that all your posts are good....but I might be just be a little partial where you are concerned!!

Joy said...


Oh look, I'm in your list! Yay me! Yay clew!

Nelly said...

Nice job on the new and improved blog!

Anonymous said...

Great idea. For those of us new to your blog, it gives us time to catch up. :o)