Monday, November 26, 2007

Post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas Updates

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! We went to my brother-in-law's as usual - this year they prepared the absolute biggest turkey I've ever seen in my life. It was 34 pounds, I kid you not. My nephew raised it for 4H or whatever farming club he's involved in. I am kind of weird about eating things that I've met in person ... But I *am* a meat-eater, so I guess that's silly. He sure was delicious, though. Probably the best tasting turkey I've ever had!

Incrediboy was under the weather on Thanksgiving Day (he did all right but had a sporadic lowgrade fever and didnt eat much) - Hub took him to the doctor on Friday and he has a sinus infection too :(. They say sinus infections arent contageous, but I wonder! He's on these new antibiotics that are nasty and he hates. Lovely getting that in him. Needless to say, with my dad's health being a little delicate, we canceled plans with my folks. Dang it.

I made a trial run of ice cream cupcakes y'day, and not only are they adorable but they're really good! And WAY less messy to eat than a normal cupcake. The only drawback is the cones lose a little bit of crispiness the next day (yes, I know this because had one for breakfast - shut up) - but I'm sure as heck not getting up at 4am to make flippin' cupcakes tomorrow just so the cones are perfectly crispy. Preschoolers wont care all that much about that I'm sure. ;)

Oh, and I have two more gifts bought. YES!

Have a great week, everyone!


Martie said...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you did too. Your turkey sounded tasty!

Drew was so tired, he went into a trance around 9:30PM when we were getting ready to leave. He is sick now. Mims called last night and he is running a 102.soemthingÂș temp and stuffy..........poor little boy!

Hope incrediboy feels better soon and glad to hear your sinus infection is clearing up.......mine is too! Hate being sick!!!

Coffeypot said...

I hope everyone is back to good health by now. Gee, less than a month before we get to do it all over again, except with gifts this time. yippee!

Ame said...

wow! what a bird!!! home, farm-raised turkey! that's cool!

gifts? oh, shoot. guess i've gotta do that. bah humbug!

Nelly said...

Gosh! The biggest I've ever baked was a 22 pounder! And I thought that was huge! 34 lbs?! Mother of GOD!

Spin_Doc1 said...

I won't mind if they are not crispy either.

chesneygirl said...

I have 6 gifts bought! Woo hoo!

Only like 15 more to go. ugh.

Anonymous said...

Turkey trivia:
In the absence of a tom, wild turkey hens can reproduce asexually.

Cake is GREAT for breakfast!

You have a great week too.

Lori said...

That is one big Tom! I have to admit I would feel way weird to sit at the table and eat my daughter's FFA sheep - yikes! Of course, lambs are a bit cuter than turkeys!

The ice cream cupcakes sound great, and hey, I'm all about them for breakfast!

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving..and hope that your little guy is feeling better soon.