Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Decade

I had a significantly important milestone birthday yesterday. And I feel pretty chipper about it! Getting older has never much bothered me, which I figure is a blessing considering so many people fall into a grumpy funk when they reach certain ages. As for me - I'm alive, I'm healthy, I'm blessed, and I only have one or two gray hairs ... what's not to be pleased about?

I've decided to take on a project this year starting with my birthday as day one: I'm going to make a 365 scrapbook. The idea is to take one photo a day for a year: Important, mundane, subjective, abstract, whatever - but one picture a day, specifically for this project. Then scrap them in groups of 7 days (on a 2 page layout) complete with a little bit of journaling for each one. It's just a little blink of a moment of every day for that year. I thought this big birthday year was a great point to try this. Someday when I'm twice this age (if I'm lucky enough to still be alive and functioning) - I can look through it and marvel at how young we were today - and how interesting the otherwise unnoticeable fine details of everyday living can be.

Of course, it will take the deceptively tricky commitment of actually taking a photo every day. For 365 days straight. And I already forgot to take a picture yesterday - on the VERY FIRST DAY! In my typical fashion, I'm off to a roaring start. So, don't tell anyone yesterday's picture is actually from today. Okay? Thanks.


Coffeypot said...

First of all, Happy Birthday a day late. I think that is a great project, but for me I would have trouble deciding what to take a picture of. There is more than one thing going on in my life each day and I would probably miss the moment trying to find the camera. Then I could have several pictures to choose from, and what would I write about for each picture.

I could take a picture of the bathroom and write down, “Pissing.” But would I care about that in twenty years - when I will probably be wearing Depends anyway? And doing the everyday…by Friday I would have crammed the whole thing in the trash can and gone back to the television.

Good luck and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Late. I knew it was coming up, but my computer was down for a couple of days.

The photo idea is great. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. That's sounds like an awesome idea.

Anonymous said...

I tried to do the 365 Project but missed so many I gave up! LOL I may go ahead and start again on March 1st and see how I do. Would love to see some of your daily pics :)