Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tidbit Shish Kabob

My life has been frantic lately, and laden with both blessings and frets. I’ve not had time nor presence of concentration to come up with any interesting topics, but I’ve missed blogging while I’ve been tending to other things here - so while I hope to be back to my regularly scheduled irregularites soon, today’s menu consists of tidbit shish kabob. Bon apetit!

Incrediboy has been sick. He’s had a horrible sounding, phlegm-bubbling, chest rattling cough and a low grade fever for a few days now. I took him to the doc and was relieved to learn that it’s just a minor virus and it looks and sounds a lot worse than it is. The downside is there’s nothing can be done to cure it – we just all have to wait it out. The best we can do is try to minimize his discomfort with a cough suppressant and analgesics. The poor dear isn’t in complete and utter misery but he doesn’t feel good in general and is clearly is not himself. He clings to us and whines quietly, pitifully – and all we can do is hug him and try to comfort him. My biggest fear now is that he’ll develop an ear infection, which is absolute hell for all of us. I try to prop him a bit when he’s sleeping, but he’s a roller, not staying in one position long. So, I pray for his little ears to defend themselves. It’s awful having your little one sick.

For all you thoughtful peeps who asked about it, the scrapbooking event went well. I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped, but I did get a lot done, plus had some wonderfully lush gabby girl time with new and old local scrapping acquaintances – a real treat in my boy-filled life. I’ve mentioned before that I started a tradition of doing a year by year scrapbook of Incrediboy’s life & times for the grandmas for Mother’s Day – I seem to have had a hard time getting this year’s done, but I only have about 6 more layouts to go. I probably could have gotten it done long before now if I didn’t conjure up such complicated layouts … But that’s part of what’s so fun for me. The good news is once you get the first one the way you want it, the second one goes together in no time. Anyway, looks like I’ll make the holiday deadline after all.

Saturday’s gathering, a semi-annual event, helps raise money for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a genetic skin disorder in which the epidermis lacks the ability to withstand any sort of friction, pressure, or adhesion without peeling away from the flesh in blisters and shreds. Children born with EB suffer perpetual burn-like wounds that must be cleaned and redressed daily. The condition also affects the esophagus, intestinal tract and even the eyes, and the constant opening and reopening of the flesh often leads to various physical deformities. It’s a heartbreaking condition for which there is no cure, nor method of remission.

Due to my fondness of events sponsored by this organization and my involvement with the local group as a scrapping enthusiast, I’ve gotten to know 2 fellow scrappers who have children with EB. Words cannot describe how much compassion I feel for what these children and their parents must endure every day, every moment with this disease. The daily pain is beyond my comprehension. Once you come face to face with something by knowing those who bear the burden … It’s near impossible to keep it at arm’s length.

I’ve been to previous events but somehow managed to distance myself from the cause enough to simply mind my own beeswax for the day. It got to me this time, though. I didn’t take much money with me Saturday, but I gave what I could. I didn’t even buy raffle tickets with it – I didn’t want anything for my donation. I just wanted to give. To help, somehow.

One of the many things my church does as outreach to the community is hosting a food pantry to help those in need, and I picked up a paper sack there on Sunday to fill and bring back with me next week. The church has a supply of paper grocery sacks to give to those who’d like to participate in stocking the food pantry, just as kind of a suggested donation size. Sunday evening I went grocery shopping and the store was holding a great sale. I picked up all kinds of things for the food drive and filled my sack for practically nothing. Funny thing is, rather than think about how much money I saved on the items, I wish I’d have used the savings to buy more to give now. Ironic since I’m such a stingy cheapo most of the time. God seems to have touched my heart with the desire for giving lately.

The other night MBDog curled up between the Hub and me, lying on his side, lanky limbs draped over me like half-assembled folding rulers. He tucked his velvety head under my chin and sighed deeply as he drifted asleep. I was totally uncomfortable. But I stayed this way, and woke up half crippled in the morning – for the simple reason that I love that my dog loves me so.

Other things that have made me very happy lately: The Hub recently surprised me with a night out at a dinner theater club we used to visit a lot before Incrediboy was born. It’s a rock and roll comedy sketch club, always a great time. After the constant scramble that life becomes, leaving little time just for the two of us, this impromptu night out was a welcome treat. My Hub’s a pretty special guy.

After out running around with his cousins one recent afternoon, Incrediboy came up to me and presented me proudly with a fist full of tiny wildflowers. “Here, Mommy!”, he said with a big beaming smile. It was my first Mommy bouquet. The prettiest bouquet I ever got.

For all its rubs, life is pretty great.


Anonymous said...

The Hub recently surprised me with a night out at a dinner theater club we used to visit a lot before Incrediboy was born. It’s a rock and roll comedy sketch club, always a great time. After the constant scramble that life becomes, leaving little time just for the two of us, this impromptu night out was a welcome treat. My Hub’s a pretty special guy.

Sounds like a pretty incredible hubby. Good job, Hub! Happy for you, Clew.

Nelly said...

My fingers are crossed that he doesn't develop an ear infection! Those are the WORST! Nice surprise hub! Not too shabby!

juanitagf said...

Wow! You have been busy.

Anonymous said...

You are inspirational and have given me an idea with your post. Thanks. Blessings-bf

chesneygirl said...

Aw! I can't WAIT until I get my first handpicked mommy bouquet! :)

Martie said...

Mommy bouquets are the BEST!!

Cheryl said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff! First of all, I hope Incrediboy is feeling better soon! I'm glad your Hub took you out--sounds like a fun evening, and a special guy as such a special gal deserves to have.

And mommy bouquets! I love it. That's one of my favorite things in life.

It's Just Me said...

What a gift - to be able to stop and see and appreciate life's blessings in the midst of hectic times.

Oh, and mmmmm....shish kabob!

Michelle said...

I always get a huge chuckle when you say you have nothing to talk about and then proceed to write an eloquent, heart felt post about everything but nothing. :)