Monday, April 11, 2011

Insidous (A/Z)

For the A to Z Challenge - Letter I.

Everyone knows I love a great horror movie. Everyone also knows that I don't think there's been a decent horror film out in years and years (unless you count the SAW movies ... which I LOVE but consider them more to be psychological thrillers than true "horror" movies). Horror films have been so stale for so long that every time I waste two hours of my life on one I swear it's THE. LAST. TIME.

Needless to say, I saw Insidious on opening day.

This movie is the one I've been waiting for. Part Poltergeist, part Shyamalan-style, and with the exception of a scant few cheesy cliches and a possible Darth Maul makeup ripoff, it was exceptional.

What's been done that hasn't already been done? Well ... not much. But I jumped out of my skin several times, and a chill trickled down my spine way more than once. And that's what I paid for.

Great flick.

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Sherri Lackey said...

Might have to check that one out. My daughter have a tradition of watching cheesy horror flicks when the guys are out of the house. But if this one isn't cheesy we might watch it with the guys here.